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Boundless Playgrounds, Inc.

Boundless Playgrounds


Every child! Every ability! Everywhere!

Through the All Kids Can Program, CVS Caremark is committed to making life easier for children with disabilities and raising awareness about the importance of inclusion. That is why CVS Caremark’s support of Boundless Playgrounds makes perfect sense.

Boundless brings much-needed attention to the fact that millions of children across America have a disability that prohibits active participation on a traditional playground. Boundless brings much-needed attention to the fact that more than six million children across America have a disability that prohibits active participation on a traditional playground. At the heart of Boundless’ work is the belief that every child has the right to experience the power of play.

With goals so closely aligned, CVS Caremark and Boundless Playgrounds work together to develop Boundless Playgrounds throughout the country. Special projects include:


CVS Caremark Boundless Playgrounds Initiatives

Major Signature Playgrounds

In 2009, CVS Caremark committed funds to build major signature playgrounds in Houston, Hartford and Colerain Township, Ohio. These projects join the already completed signature playgrounds in Boston, Dallas and Los Angeles. Hundreds of CVS Caremark associates and children of all abilities participated in the festive grand opening ceremonies of these playgrounds. In Dallas, the associates' extraordinary fundraising efforts exceeded expectations, resulting in a surplus of $66,000, which is helping to launch two more Boundless Playgrounds in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Innovative Playground Surface Scholarship Program

In order for a community to build a playground that is truly inclusive, there is an added expense for rubber surfacing that allows persons using wheelchairs and other mobility devices to navigate the playground. Through the first of its kind Surfacing Scholarship Program, CVS Caremark is helping communities meet this additional expense and thus converting many traditional playgrounds to inclusive Boundless Playgrounds.

Florida Boundless Playgrounds Program

Through the All Kids Can Program, eight communities in Florida received funding to help build the following Boundless Playgrounds:

  • Freedom Playground, Macfarlane Park, Tampa
  • Henry Grady Elementary School, Tampa
  • Perrine Park, Palmetto Bay
  • Unity Park, Miami
  • Jorge Mas Canosa (Riverside) Park, Miami
  • Willie Webb Park, Lauderdale Lakes
  • Mills Pond Park, Fort Lauderdale
  • Florence C. Hardy Park, Fort Lauderdale

Florida Map


Area Vice Presidents Inclusive Playgrounds


CVS Caremark Area Vice Presidents identified and supported Boundless Playground projects throughout the country. The Area Vice Presidents and their teams assisted with fundraising events, public speaking opportunities, community builds and grand opening celebrations. The projects included:

  • Neptune Elementary (St. Cloud, FL)
  • Strong Reach (Bowdon, GA)
  • Mt. Greenwood Adventure Park (Chicago, IL)
  • Soroptomist Park (Wayne, MI)
  • Chabad Early Learning Center (Bayside, NY)
  • Three Angels Dream Playground (Schenectady, NY)
  • Children's Center (Winston-Salem, NC)
  • Silver Park (Stow, OH)
  • Millstone Creek Park (Westerville, OH)

Associate Engagement

Several thousand CVS Caremark associates have played an active role in helping Boundless bring the dream of inclusive play to well over one million children of all abilities. Involvement by CVS Caremark associates has included, public speaking opportunities, grand opening event management, health fair coordination, and unique fundraising programs for grass roots project development.

Community Catalyst Scholarship Program

During 2007, a national scholarship program was introduced to raise awareness about inclusive play and to encourage communities to build Boundless Playgrounds. The scholarship program provided communities with the tools and technical guidance necessary to make the dream of inclusive play a reality. To date, this program has assisted over 25 communities in developing their Boundless Playground.

National Media Awareness

ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition produced two shows dedicated to the transformation of both the home and the playground. The Akers family of Ohio received a Boundless Playground at their local school in honor of their daughters who have spinal muscular atrophy. The Vitale family of Vermont was surprised to see their backyard transformed into an inclusive playspace where their sons, Kane and Louie, could play together. Special thanks to CVS Caremark for providing funding and volunteer assistance for both of these extraordinary projects.

With over 155 playgrounds in 29 states and Canada and nearly 100 more projects under development, Boundless Playgrounds is at the forefront of the inclusive play movement.

About Boundless Playgrounds

Boundless Playgrounds builds truly inclusive playgrounds that allow children with and without disabilities to play together in an accessible and nurturing environment.

Through their common playground experiences, all children on a Boundless Playground gain the proven intellectual, physical and social developmental benefits of unstructured play. When children grow up playing and learning together, they develop a lifelong respect for, and appreciation of, individuals of all abilities.

With over 155 playgrounds in 29 states and Canada and nearly 100 more projects under development, Boundless Playgrounds is at the forefront of the inclusive play movement.

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